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Life’s many uncertainties bring about many unwelcome and unexpected events. Tragedy and disaster strike when we least expect them to, often creating havoc in the lives of the affected and destroying their lifestyle and peace of mind earlier enjoyed. When such unexpected losses occur, families and businesses undergo many hardships stemming from the loss of income. So it follows that the answer to a life relatively devoid of anxiety would be to transfer the risk to someone willing to absorb it. This is where insurers like Union Assurance come in. In return for a small premium – a very small amount when compared with the potential loss, the cost of that loss is transferred to the insurer.

We can give you several reasons.

  1. Firstly, we are proud to say that we score high in excellence in customer service in the market.
  2. Our wide variety of products are designed to cater to your individual requirements
  3. Our team of well- trained and highly professional staff and insurance consultants are equipped to advise you on how to get the best out of your insurance.
  4. Long-term stability matters when it comes to taking care of you for life. We are one of the most secure financial entities in the business, with a Net Asset base that is the highest among private sector insurers in this country.
We give you several options. You could either call us or visit us at either our Central Office or at any of our 52 branches around Sri Lanka, or we could have our representative call on you at your convenience.
The entire staff at UA island wide is dedicated to serve you. Our field staff is also ready to give you a personalized service in meeting your insurance needs.
For Life Insurance, the amount to be insured relates to your future earning capacity and your liabilities. For property insurance, this amount is determined by the market value of the property. Just call on us. We will advise you on how to arrive at the most equitable figure.

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