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About Union Assurance

Your life,
Our strength.

Union Assurance, one of the largest Life Insurance solutions providers in the country has been in the business of protecting lives, empowering people achieve their dreams, and providing peace of mind to thousands of Sri Lankans since 1987. The Company offers a range of Life Insurance solutions and services that cater to different stages of the life cycle of an individual, ensuring our customers enjoy a wholesome life.
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Your Life, Our Strength
About Union Assurance

Your Choices are worth

Choose growth and security by choosing an investment plan that can be tailored for you. The right investment grows alongside you. ...
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Protect yourself, your loved ones, relationships, ambitions and lifestyle as you choose a plan that will equip you to manage the ...
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Life is a journey with adventures at every juncture. Plan ahead to enjoy a peaceful and secure retirement and to ensure ...
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Give yourself an early start to comfortably fund the aspirations and ambitions of your children with a plan that secures their ...
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A successful life is one that’s lived to the fullest, and if there are obstacles in the form of illnesses, be ...
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Be a responsible corporate citizen by ensuring you and everyone in the group or organisation you are part of enjoy benefits ...
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Protecting Relationships
About Union Assurance

30+ years of
insuring lives and
empowering people

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    To Provide protection, financial security and create wealth for our customers, adding value to our employees, field staff, business partners, shareholders and the community.

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    To be the most sought after provider of insurance solutions.

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    Excellence, Caring, Innovation, Trust, Ethics and Integrity

About Union Assurance

Financial Information and

"You come to realize just how valuable an insurance policy is, when you see how tailored it is for the lifestyle and needs of the modern world. I consider Union Assurance to be a company that has always been at the forefront of building custom tailored insurance products to suit our ever changing lifestyles. This is why many people across the island have placed their trust in Union Assurance. I am proud to be able to say that I too am one of the many."
"The best thing about Union Assurance, that sets it apart from everyone else, is how friendly they are. The Insurance Advisors, call centre personnel, officers, and management of the company are always ready to help you in any way possible. They really provide excellent guidance in order to fulfil our needs. Until these needs are fulfilled, they always inquire after you. This is why our choice has always been Union Assurance. I believe that Union Assurance will never let us down."
"Just like every other sector, Insurance services also have to change according to time. Today Union Assurance has gone beyond the simple provision of insurance solutions, and has taken steps to introduce a policy with elements of an investment account. This is an excellent move, in line with what we can expect from the future. This is the reason that those who are loyal Union Assurance customers are achieving ever greater success, year on year. I feel that this is an excellent benchmark to set for the success of the insurance sector of Sri Lanka in the future."
K. Wickneshara


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About Union Assurance

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Union Assurance is one of Sri Lanka’s largest providers of life insurance solutions in the country.