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Group Life Union Protect

Union Protect

Primary Life Cover

This benefit will provide a lump sum of cash due to an accident or natural death.

Additional Benefits

Following are the additional benefits you can obtain for your employees / members.

  • Additional Death Benefit
  • Total & Permanent Disability Benefit due to sickness or accident
  • Partial Permanent Disability Benefit
  • Critical Illness Cover & Comprehensive Surgery Benefit
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Spouse Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Funeral Expenses Benefit

Why Union Protect?

  • Affordable premiums
  • No hassle as few medical procedures have to be met
  • Wider range of additional covers for comprehensive care
  • Dedicated service team for uncompromised attention
  • Faster claim settlement to enjoy benefits

For further details please contact our Union Assurance Advisor or contact us directly on 0112 990 990
Note : Please refer Policy Conditions for further clarifications.