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The Importance of Life Insurance

Risk and uncertainty are two sides of a same coin. We, humans in nature always prefer to stand in the comfort or the safe zone. From the minor action of locking the front door to keeping valuables in paid safety lockers reflect our unique and creative tactics of being protective. We carry the laughter of our loved ones., we hold the future of our dependants., we are the strength of our aging parents. However, the universal truth is that our existence, capabilities and physical strengths are uncertain. There is no invention that can completely eliminate the uncertainty connected with our lives.

Life Insurance is the only solution that accurately address the issue to an acceptable extent. Your wisest decision will be there for your loved ones, when you are not there. Your smartest move will lessen the weight of your burdens. Your thoughtful foundation will build the strongest future for your dependants.

As an Investment Partner – Piggy bank to the next level

People usually misapprehend life insurance as a series of payments that eventually leads to a mirage. But for our surprise, Life Insurance companies create golden opportunities by combining investment plans and insurance plans together. This great blend will generate plenty of benefits for the policy holders. Your hardly earned money will receive the true value with these investment options at the end of the maturity period or build a prosperous future for beneficiaries.

Most importantly. Some plans offer unbelievable interest rates which are sometimes above the industry standards. These investment plans are well designed to provide maximum benefits to the holders while mitigating all the potential risks. Therefore, your investment is in a secured place with a guaranteed return.

As a Health Partner – Redefine Uncertainty

According to the Universal Health Coverage Monitoring Report 2017, about 100 million people are fallen into extreme poverty due to high medical expenses1. This jaw-dropping fact shows the negative impact of medical expenses and hospitalization charges.

As William Shed’s Saying, “A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.,” humans have to experience the adventures, reach their goals, fulfil their dreams even though they are bound by uncertainty. Life and Health are like two rails that run parallelly. One cannot exist without the other. Therefore, you should not take unnecessary risks in the matters related to the health of you and your loved ones and it is always wise to prepare ahead of time. Your insurance partner will lift the financial burden and let you be there to comfort your loved ones. Life Insurance companies always take the priority in providing excellent medical coverages. Finally joining hands with an insurance partner will be a worthy investment that you have made on behalf of you and your loved ones.

As an Education Partner – featherweight testamur

As Barak Obama once mentioned, “Higher Education cannot be a luxury reserved just for a privileged few. It has an economic necessity for every family. And every family should be able to afford it.” Even though higher education is recognized as a necessity, it is not affordable yet. The unpleasant truth is that, a person with an average income struggles daily to satisfy the basic needs of the family members. Therefore, there is always no proportion for children’s higher education.

As a result of that, we have a highly competitive educational system which offers free education for very limited number of students. Even after a lot sleepless nights and tireless efforts your child may not get qualified for a university entrance. Its nor the inability of the child neither the end of their educational journey. As a proactive and a responsible parent, joining hands with a Life Insurance Partner at the appropriate time will clear all the financial obstacles and open thousands of new doors for your child. This investment will help your children to climb their career ladders with financial freedom.

As a Group Insurance Partner – wisest step towards employees

Human Resource is the lifeblood of an organization even in an era where automation is highly utilized. The Founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson has changed the Customer is the King concept to Employees come First. Employees are working for the success of your organization and it is your responsibility to take care of them. Always remember, success is not measured by the profit figure. It is reflected on the happiness of your employees.

Obtaining an insurance policy for your employees regardless of the risks associated with their jobs will enhance the image of the organization. Employers always see the expense related to the policy but won’t see the hidden benefits. These insurance policies will help companies to achieve high productivity levels by increasing Job satisfaction and employee retention.

As a Protection – Hand Held Armour for modern day battle

Have you’ll heard about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway which protects thousands of seed varieties? This highly secured storage which is in a mountain has the ability to face man made and natural hazards2. So, the world is safeguarding seeds for future while we are hesitating to get a Life Insurance for our own good. It reflects the amount of value that we have placed for our lives.

Everyone needs a help of third party to face the uncertainties and unexpected challenges. Your Insurance Partner will be there in your death, permanent or partial disability and even to cover the funeral expenses. Further, they will take care of the unpaid loans and debts in a death, total or permanent disability of the policy holder. Your wisest decision will carry your financial responsibilities while ensuring financial stability for your dependants. Life Insurance is not an act of overprotective, it is the acceptance of reality and the definition of love and caring.

As a Retirement Partner – Happiest years ahead

Retirement is not the end of everything. It is the beginning of a new chapter of relaxation. It is the time to build up the younger generation with your experiences. It is all about the unforgettable memories that you create with your grandchildren. You have carried all the responsibilities on your shoulders and with the help of your Insurance Partner you will plan and enjoy the rest of the life with financial stability. Therefore, always remember to hold the hand of your Life Insurance Partner before starting the journey of retirement to see the true colours of life. Your decision will convert the saddest full stop to the Happiest Comma (,).