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We all face a day when we quit our jobs and retire. How will you face the next phase of your life with no monthly income?
Are you really ready?
Try out our retirement calculator and find out!

(Don't worry about inflation, just enter the value you will need if you were to retire today)
(Don't include normal savings you have for day to purposes or other future savings goals)

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You expected a monthly income of Rs 000,000 by the time you retire.

The actual inflation-adjusted value of this income is Rs 000,000 !

To provide you with this monthly income, you will need to build a fund of Rs 00,000,000 by the date of your retirement!

To achieve this fund, you will need to save Rs 00,000 monthly, starting today

The answers were generated assuming an inflation rate of 6% and a savings rate of 8%

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