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Union Assurance and the Health Promotion Bureau of Sri Lanka collaborated in a public-private partnership to create awareness on COVID-19 protection. The digital-first campaign addresses lesser-known guidelines of using, storing and disposing of face masks, along with reinforcement of general health guidelines.

Director of the Health Promotion Bureau, Dr. P.D. Koggalage stated, “The public awareness campaign that was an essential requirement especially with the surge of the COVID-19 infections in late April and early May 2021. As a community service project, the collaboration with Union Assurance has created a platform to raise people’s awareness of expected preventive behaviours.”

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Nayani Dharmakeerthi of the Health Promotion Bureau stated, “We have seen how individual health and personal discipline can mitigate the spread of the pandemic. Communication is key to encourage awareness and offer the much-needed reinforcement of good health practices. We are very pleased to conduct this awareness initiative with Union Assurance to ensure this message reaches all parts of the island.”

The video series offers useful tips on maximizing protection when using a face mask, as well as the lesser adhered to protocols of storing and disposing of used face masks. While protection is the primary objective of face mask usage, the video series draws audience attention to the environmental implications of improper disposal, as well as health risks of improper storage of masks while in use.

Furthermore, Jude Gomes, the Chief Executive Officer of Union Assurance commented, ”The uncertainty caused by the pandemic prompts organisations to recognize the importance of supporting awareness initiatives. Collaboration is key to minimizing the impact on people, operations, and business. We are honoured to partake of this cause with the Health Promotion Bureau of Sri Lanka.”

The initiative is further amplified through a social media campaign which promotes the message Wear A Mask, Save A Life to remind citizens of the importance of wearing a face mask. The message has reached close to three million Sri Lankans on social media in 3 weeks.

This collaboration comes as an extension to the mental health campaign conducted earlier this year to address the salient issues of mental health associated with the pandemic.
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