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Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

Not With Us...

Investment Union Super Investor

Union Super Investor

  1. Are you happy with the amount of money you have saved up to date?
    Yes?  No?
  2. In 10 years time, can you be happy about the amount of money you have saved, based on the amount you are currently saving?
    Yes?  No?
  3. Have you envisioned an Investment plan in which you would save only for 5 years and enjoy benefits for 30 years?
    Yes?  No?

If your answer to all three of the above is ‘Yes’ then you are truly a Super Investor.
If not, invest in Union Super Investor Life Insurance plan today.

Annual Dividend Percentage & Progress

Year Average Market Interest Rate* Minimum Dividend Rate Guaranteed for the Year** Declared Dividend Rate**
2008 10.80 12.0 13.0
2009 10.61 11.5 13.5
2010 6.89 11.5 14.5
2011 6.40 11.5 11.5
2012 8.67 8.0 11.5
2013 10.23 9.5 11.75
2014 6.69 8.0 11.5
2015 5.99 8.0 9.5
2016 7.1 8.0 10.5

*Is calculated based on the Average Weighted Deposit Rate of commercial banks for the corresponding year (Source: Central Bank)

**By Union Assurance

The prudent investment strategies of Union Assurance life fund, has resulted in higher dividends being declared to the policyholders since 2007.

For more information, please speak to a Union Assurance Personal Financial Adviser or call our Customer Service Hotline on 0112 990 990.
Note: Please refer Policy Conditions for further clarifications.