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Education Union Sisumaga

Union Sisumaga

Education is the greatest endowment for your child. But circumstances may arise where you may be unable to provide financially for your child's education and find yourself incapable of giving them the best or it may even be abandoned in the eventuality of your demise. The right kind of insurance can secure your child's future forever by providing a solid education that will lead to a successful career and life. So trust in Union Sisumaga that will be the best gift any parent can give their children.

An uninterrupted education

Union Sisumaga is a Savings + Insurance scheme, which provides your child regular assured sums over a period of 8 years, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted education for your child. The amount also increases each year, taking into account the escalating costs of education.

How Union Sisumaga works

Your only requirement is to pay the premium for a fixed period, which you may decide. The premium will be determined according to the payment period, age of the policyholder and the total amount you want your child to receive. The payment period and the pay-back amount can be customised to your specific requirements.

Union Sisumaga is designed to ensure that your child's education is not effected even by you not being there.

For further details please contact our Union Assurance Advisor or contact us directly on 0112 990 990
Note : Please refer Policy Conditions for further clarifications.