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Protection Union Life Advantage

Union Life Advantage

Life is like a game that plays out in the most unexpected of ways. There is always the probability between winning and losing. While you cannot predict the future, with the right kind of insurance you can plan it out in a way that you never lose in the game called life. So trust Union Life Advantage to never know the meaning of losing ever again.

Enhanced Return

  • Funds invested in the Company's Life Fund, which is being professionally managed with a past track record of attractive returns.
  • 100% of distributable investment yield of the Life Fund credited as dividend to your individual Investment Account.
  • Guaranteed minimum dividend declared at the beginning of each calendar year with Union Assurance ensuring that the actual declared dividend will not fall below the minimum guaranteed for the given year.
  • Your individual Investment Account accumulating monthly with dividends to enhance returns.

Annual Dividend Percentage & Progress

Year Average Market Interest Rate* Minimum Dividend Rate Guaranteed for the Year** Declared Dividend Rate**
2008 10.80 12.0 13.0
2009 10.61 11.5 13.5
2010 6.89 11.5 14.5
2011 6.40 11.5 11.5
2012 8.67 8.0 11.5
2013 10.23 9.5 11.75
2014 6.69 8.0 11.5
2015 5.99 8.0 9.5
2016 7.1 8.0 10.5
2017 9.01 10 10.25
2018 8.85 10 10

*Is calculated based on the Average Weighted Deposit Rate of commercial banks for the corresponding year (Source: Central Bank)

**By Union Assurance

The prudent investment strategies of Union Assurance life fund, has resulted in higher dividends being declared to the policyholders since 2007.

For further details please contact our Union Assurance Advisor or contact us directly on 0112 990 990
Note : Please refer Policy Conditions for further clarifications.