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Investment Union Jayamaga Plus

Union Jayamaga Plus

When you glimpse your future you’d like it to be prosperous and happy. But what if your plans for your future wilt too soon? Your future happiness could all be but a dream. This is why you need the right insurance which ensures a guaranteed return towards the maturity. So trust in Union Jayamaga Plus that will guarantee your life plenty of happiness and memorable moments.

What’s special about Union Jayamaga Plus?

Every year, your sum assured increases by 10%, without any increase in your monthly payment. On maturity, you get the increased Sum Assured of the policy (Guaranteed Maturity).

This means, your returns keep increasing, and that’s why it’s a unique policy as it protects you against inflation.

For further details please contact our Union Assurance Advisor or contact us directly on 011 2 990 990
Note : Please refer Policy Conditions for further clarifications.