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Our Employees

The services provided by an insurer are no better than its people. Indeed, our staff is a key group of stakeholders and our greatest driver of value. Their professionalism and attitude have been responsible for the high regard with which we are held among our customers, service providers and the general public. Our success in surmounting innumerable challenges has been due to their skills, flexibility and commitment.

We are proud of our achievements in developing our human resources base. We have created a stimulating work environment in which developing each employee according to his/her professional and personal needs and aspirations is a priority, and we leave no stone unturned in doing this. Career development via training, skills enhancement and shared/participatory programmes, financial assistance to pursue higher studies, are on-going and continuous. Staff Suggestion Scheme encourages our people to actively contribute and participate in the efficient running of UA. Our Annual Awards to our sales team is just one of the many ways in which we recognize and reward our staff. Ranking in the upper brand of the industry in terms of pay, benefits and personal developments, we regularly benchmark our remuneration packages with the financial services industry. Our commitment to our employees is well recognized in the industry, with UA being a favoured place of employment.