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Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

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Union Assurance travels across the country through the Higher Education Campaign

Union Assurance being in the hearts of the people for over three decades has made a name for itself as a trustworthy Life Insurance provider which offers an array of Life Insurance Solutions to cater your needs. Backed by the strength and heritage of John Keells Holdings PLC, Union Assurance has supported and protected the lives of Sri Lankans whilst providing them with the required financial guidance in every important stage of their lives.

HE1: School Student experiencing the special VR experience unit
HE2: ‘When I Grow Up’ Art Competition winners receiving thegifts
HE3: Special Parent focused program

Providing the best education for your child and fulfilling their aspirations is one of the main priorities of any parent. Since entering the local universities are becoming more and more challenging, most parents seek for providing the higher education from private institutions or foreign universities. However, providing the requiredfinancial funds to pursue this path has become the biggest challenge the parents face. Despite these challenges every parent commits and dedicates their best to make their child’s higher education dream a reality.

This mere reason encouraged Union Assurance to step out and support the parents who are willing to invest their love in a secure investment plan for their child’s higher education.UA team initiated an island wide journey in order to encourage both the parents and school studentsto plan ahead to fulfil their dreams.

Special array of programs focusing on the school students were conducted to inpire them to achieve their future dreams. All these programs included an Art Competition themed ‘When I Grow Up’ and a special program for school students where they were able to engage with a special Virtual Reality experience unit.The students were able tolively experience their future aspirations coming to reality through this unique experience.Parent focused sessions were also conducted by our specially trained Personal Financial Advisors encouraging them to plan wisely to be financially capable to support their child’s higher education dream.

Being in the hearts of the peopleproviding them with the unwavering support and protection, UA continues its journey celebrating over 30 years of its service and is anchored by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals, a strong capital base and reinsurance partnerships with highly rated global reinsurers. The Union Assurance brand is positioned on the promise of “trust” and strives to deliver this promise by being transparent, convenient and respectful when dealing with all stakeholders.