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Secure your love with secure investmentsfor your child’s higher education

Providing the best education for your child and fulfilling their aspirationsis one of the main priorities of any parent.Every parent dream of seeing their children excel in education and seeing their children do better than themselves. However, providing the funds needed to givethem the opportunity to pursue higher education is one of the biggest challenges every parent face. It is also immensely challenging to get selected to a local university since very few get the opportunity. Despite these challenges every parent dedicates their best to make their child’s higher education dream a reality.

Union Assurance Higher Education plans are the best solution for the parents who are planning wisely to secure their love with a secure investment for their child’s higher education. The innovative and convenient Higher Education Investments Solutions with the ability to customise according to your requirements will provide great support towards making your child’s dream a reality.

Mr. Kasun Sameera (Head of Marketing – Union Assurance PLC) expressing his view stated that “Providing the best higher education for their child has always been a challenge for the parents due to the financial difficultiesand the competitiveness of the education field. This very reason has encouragedus to provide you with the required guidance and financialsupport for you to make your child’s higher education dream a reality. So, I invite you to join us as we travel across the island delivering the message on securing your love with a secure investment for your child’s higher education.”

Union Assurance (UA) being in the hearts of the people for over three decades has made a name for itself as a trustworthy Life Insurance provider which offers an array of Life Insurance Solutions to cater your needs. Backed by the strength and heritage of John Keells Holdings PLC, Union Assurance has supported and protected the lives of Sri Lankans whilst providing them with the required financial guidance in every important stage of their lives.

UA team along with Personal Financial Advisors who has the expertise in providing you with the necessary guidance towards selecting a secure investment for your child’s higher educationis poised to travel across the country from February to April. For more comprehensive information contact a Union Assurance Personal Financial Advisor or reach us thorough 077 0 501501 today.