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Ask from Amanda: Union Assurance launches the first ever Insurance Chat Bot in Sri Lanka

Union Assurance with its preeminent services continued for more than three decades has always focused its efforts to deliver the best, customized insurance solutions to the communities which they operate, powered with innovation the and integrated with the best technology.

Driving its Digital-First initiatives UA launched the first ever, Facebook messenger based artificial intelligence insurance assistant – ‘Ask from Amanda’ to provide collaborative services to the interested audiences.

Key objective of launching a project of this calibre is to craft and embed the services provided by an insurance assistant in to a mostly used, emerging chat platform provided by Facebook - Messenger App within a digital environment leveraging the human-like nature to introduce a new level of user experience.

Amanda – your comprehensive artificial insurance assistant will be proving you with services extended across three verticals. This has the ability to perform Product Recommendations and to suggest the best life insurance solutions for each individual by thoroughly analysing your actual requirements. This feature would provide the ease of selecting the best life insurance solution in the matter of seconds.

With a clear vision on upgrading the existing customer experience, Amanda provides most anticipated features for Claims Intimation and Policy Services. Claims Intimation feature enables the customers to submit claims more conveniently and to receive notification about the submitted claims along the process cycle. Policy Service feature will enable customers to easily check on their policy details without using any other app or customer portal, providing ease of use within the chat app that they will be using on a daily basis. UA strongly believes that this would be an impressive leap towards bringing better customer engagement and experience which was launched right after the introduction of the QR enabled – Live Policy Books which was a unique initiative to address one of the most pressing issues in the insurance industry i.e. technical jargon in insurance policy contracts.

To try out the smart features of the first ever insurance chat bot, simply follow the link: