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Union Assurance recognized with Laureate Status for being a Great Place to Work for the 5 th Consecutive Year

The Great Place to Work© (GPTW) Institute recognized Union Assurance PLC – for the fifth consecutive year as a work place that is conducive to growth and personal development at the award ceremony held on the 28th of June at the Oak Room, Cinnamon Grand. UA was also given the special acknowledgement with the Laureate Status for being able to maintain a great work place throughout the five consecutive years.

Continuous recognition as a Great Place to Work has directed Union Assurance to build a high trust work place culture that engages employees for organisational success. We believe in nurturing our employees and therefore aim to consistently provide our people with the tools they need to be successful and empower our people to make a positive difference to our customers whilst encouraging them to grow, develop themselves and contribute to society by providing a journey of continuous career enrichment.

Being a great place to work is not about perceptions, it also brings a host of business benefits including employee branding and employee retention. As a company which embraces their employees and places their ‘Success’ on its people, this recognition would be yet another valued endorsement towards the future endeavours to be achieved.

UA continuously practices and has set up its processes by sensing the human dynamics and thoroughly observing the human capital. The unique inclusive and more innovative driven culture at UA is keeping our teams well ahead in the industry and it is a resounding achievement as company with 30 years of excellence in the Sri Lankan insurance industry. Professional development programs, performance driven working environment and work-life balance initiatives executed by the company are the true pillars what makes Union Assurance a great place to work.

General Manager of Human Resources at Union Assurance, Suresh Muttiah expressing his thoughts emphasised that “People are at the heart of everything we do at UA and we want to foster an open, safe, inclusive and stimulating working environment. The changes we see in workforce demographics brings about a new set of challenges in aligning people practices, whilst keeping this in mind it is incumbent on the HR department to be strategic in its approach, drive change as a business imperative, be the voice & champions of people. Also, great places to work are not built overnight, to become one you require people to trust the people they work for, build pride in what they do and appreciate the people they work with. This is a journey and in this you need to continuously learn and reinvent”.