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Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

Not With Us...


Challenge your limits… success is closer than you think

As a determined young woman, a good wife, a loving mother, and a successful career woman, wouldn’t you like to earn the respect and praise of not just your peers, but of all society?

In the world of commerce, it has become very clear that the role of the woman has become greater and more visible. In many leading organizations in Sri Lanka, women hold leadership positions.

However, traditional thinking still prevails in our society. While it isn’t difficult to break free of these traditional expectations – it still requires a strong helping hand.

In order to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life, it is imperative that you receive the support of a progressive organization that provides you with the space to grow and succeed in both these roles. Union Assurance is such an organization. As a result of the great strides it has made in creating a positive growth environment for its employees, Union Assurance has been awarded many accolades and awards.

It may seem impossible to believe that a successful career and a successful family life are not at odds with each other – in fact, winning at both facets of life is not impossible. These testimonials from our members will illustrate this very clearly:

“I am not just a mother, a wife, or a daughter. I am now successful career woman. Union Assurance supported me to achieve all of this” – Madhushani Erandika, Moratuwa

“I am a person that has successful faced many obstacles in my life. I tried many jobs with the intent of achieving successful. However, I was only able to reach my goals through my career at Union Assurance. One of the main reasons that convinced me to join was the fact that the Company is part of the well renown John Keells Holdings group.” - Mahendran Komathi, Vavuniya

“When I started at this job, I never believed that I would ever get the chance to tour a country like the United States. Many of the victories I have had in my life I have been able to win because of Union Assurance. Also, engaging in a career in the insurance sector is more than just a job – it is also an opportunity to perform social service.” – Nandani Sompala, Ambilipitiya

“I joined Union Assurance temporarily to earn an extra income. Today I am a permanent employee and I have an unlimited income. I have had the opportunity to tour and travel in countries like Australia and Malaysia because of Union Assurance.” – A. Jensy, Moratuwa

“I got the opportunity to join Union Assurance while I was working at a private company as a computer operator. After a short period of time I had the opportunity to move up as a Personal Financial Advisor. I get a great deal of satisfaction from my career. I can say with complete certainty that by working with Union Assurance, you will be able to achieve great success and satisfaction too.” – Anusha Ranatunga, Kandy

“When I finished school in 2013, I applied for jobs in a number of organizations. I went for many interviews. It is at this time that I got the opportunity to work for Union Assurance. I started out as an Insurance Advisor and today I have progressed to become a Personal Financial Advisor. While progressing in my career I was also able to achieve a long-standing dream of mine to tour a foreign country. I have toured Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai. It is only because of Union Assurance have I been able to achieve such things at such a young age.” – Mathila Makalingam, Jaffna

In each of these stories, runs a common thread. It is that Union Assurance is an organization that lends a hand to women to be successful. It is clear that Union Assurance is an organization that would pave the way for career progression without forsaking ones family – to earn respect and admirations from friends and family, and to be a positive example for society.

It is everyone’s dream to achieve great things in their careers, to earn a respectable income, and achieving their dreams, while at the same time maintaining healthy, happy and successful families. An environment that is conducive to such positive growth exists today, and will continue to exist in the future at Union Assurance.

So join us. Connect with us. Call, or text your name and residential town to 077 0 501 501 today