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Union Assurance deployes an outstanding effort to raise awareness among the community through Union Manushyathwaya

Being continuously sensitive to the communities which they operate, Union Manushyathwaya: the CSR brand of Union Assurance was able to continue its efforts and spread health, wellness and goodness for people across the island. As the year 2016 concludes, Union Manushyathwaya CSR activities achieved several milestones that positively impacted multiple communities.

Within the year 2016, with the support of the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council and the Public Health Inspector, UA was able to successfully conduct a total of 57 dengue awareness campaigns, over 60 thalassemia awareness programs and 14 diabetes prevention programs.

UA launched an island-wide dengue awareness campaign including house–to–house visits, dengue prevention–shramadhana campaigns and leaflet distributions in order to encourage dengue prevention across the country. As a result of these efforts, 55 dengue prevention programs were carried out simultaneously on a single day which was a significant achievement.

In addition, campaigns were carried out to raise awareness and prevent the spread of diabetes. Pre-scanning sessions were carried out during these programs to diagnose potential patients and necessary advice was provided to them on controlling their blood sugar levels and leading a healthy lifestyle.

UA was able to provide invaluable support towards controlling another severe blood disorder by conducting thalassemia awareness and prevention campaigns as well. The increased levels of awareness created by these campaigns resulted in reducing the spread of this disorder, which could have caused severe negative impacts towards communities.

" We are pleased to have been able to achieve a certain level of outcomes through our CSR programmes conducted during year 2016. However, there is much work to be done to make a meaningful impact to society with our Union Manushyathwaya CSR brand. Therefore, we are committed to conduct more and more positively influential CSR initiatives to increase community engagement." Director / Chief Executive Officer of Union Assurance, Mr. Dirk Pereira stated.

"Union Assurance, being a private organization is doing an impressive contribution towards the community by bringing forth its CSR brand Union Manushyathwaya. I hope that, through Union Manushyathwaya, Union Assurance will be able to do more to help the communities of the country," stated Dr. Ruwan Wijeyamuni, Chief Medical Officer of the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council.

"Union Assurance has been a partner in the battle against Thalassemia for a long time. It cannot be expressed adequately how great the impact of these initiatives have been. I wish them all the very best and hope that they will continue to provide their invaluable support in the future in a much greater way," expressed Dr. J. M. Nilam, Child Specialist of the National Thalassemia Centre - Kurunegala.

Union Assurance looks at creating a healthier and secure community in line with their overall ethos of building partnerships with their customers that is based on the delivery of transparency, respectfulness, and convenience. The Company will continue to deliver on its promise of trust, with more programmes designed to foster healthier communities in the future. These efforts will be further strengthened under the banner of Union Manushyathwaya.