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Union Assurance Partners with the Sri Lanka Bar Association

Union Assurance, a leading player in the Sri Lankan insurance sector, continuing its efforts to identify and develop key markets for its products and solutions, recently ventured in to a partnership with the Sri Lanka Bar Association. In line with its goal of helping Sri Lankans protect their futures and achieve their dreams, this partnership will introduce the distinguished members of the Bar Association to the Company’s innovative and wide-ranging portfolio.

As human beings, we all have various needs and goals in our lives. These can be broadly categorised as being related to, health and security, education, investment, and retirement. Union Assurance has a range of products and solutions to help fulfil these needs and goals in our customers’ lives.

As a whole, only 12.5% of the Sri Lankan population are insured. However, with the current socio-economic conditions, the importance of having insurance is higher than ever before. A joint effort by the various players in the insurance sector was made recently, to help raise awareness of the importance of insurance among the Sri Lankan public, with the full backing of Union Assurance.

The Company continues to develop partnerships with various leading professional bodies, representing members from different careers and sectors in Sri Lanka, to go further in its efforts to guide more individuals to secure their futures through insurance. The aim of these efforts is to demonstrate to the wider Sri Lankan public of the benefits of insurance, through the example of individuals in prominent careers enjoying the security of having an insurance policy.

The Sri Lankan Bar Association, which was instated in 1974, is one of the most prominent and leading professional bodies in the Country. The Association has provided central support for the improvement and welfare of the law profession over a number of decades.

For over three decades, Union Assurance solutions and products have been developed keeping in line with its vast knowledge and understanding of the needs of the community and individuals. With changing times and needs, the Company is constantly updating its portfolio to stay relevant in a fast-pace environment.

The Company stands shoulder to shoulder with its customers, providing support and guidance to help bring forth a better tomorrow. The Union Assurance guarantee is well recognized by both local and international bodies, and has a number of awards for its efforts.