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‘Union Smart Health’ from Union Assurance
The unique insurance policy that covers the entire family

Union Assurance in its efforts to revolutionize the Sri Lankan insurance industry by continuously bringing forth innovative and creative solutions has introduced a unique cover that provides protection for the entire family. ‘Union Smart Health,’ is a policy that provides coverage for the policyholder as well as all his dependents, a unique proposition in Sri Lanka. Union Smart Health functions as a rider cover to use as an add-on to the Union Life Advantage Policy.

Accidents and sudden illnesses are part of everyday life – it is impossible to fully anticipate misfortune. In addition to the emotional distress one undergoes, the financial toll that illnesses and accidents can take is also substantial. In order to minimize the financial stress one can be under in such situations, it is important to have provided for any inevitability and challenge that life can throw. The core aim of ‘Union Smart Health’ is to provide for such challenging moments in life.

The Union Smart Health cover works by reimbursing the hospitalization and healthcare expenses of the policyholder and his family members. The cover also provides a ‘Cashless Card’ to the policyholder, who can in the event of a hospitalisation, call the number mentioned in the card to activate the service. Once the cashless service is activated, Union Assurance will settle the eligible bill amount directly to the hospital

Union Smart health introduces “ Revive benefit” for the first time to the health insurance industry in Sri Lanka which provides the opportunity for the policy holder to claim again , in the event that 100% of the claimable funds having been utilised, , provided that the hospitalisation is not due to an illness which resulted in prior hospitalisation.

In case no claim has been made within a policy year, the maximum annual benefits limit increases by 25% for the following policy year – the ‘No-Claim Bonus,’ which is another unique benefit offered through this policy.

Through Union Smart Health Policy, if the sum insured is Rs. 2mn, the policyholder is entitled for coverage for treatments taken overseas – in countries such as India, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Due to the complexities of modern lifestyle, the risks to health and wellbeing have multiplied. Many of us fail to take necessary steps that would protect us against the uncertainties of our busy lives. The Union Smart Health cover is the perfect solution because it is easily obtained – with zero hassle, allows for easy operation, and offers higher benefits. To know more about the Union Smart Health cover, meet with one of our Insurance Advisors or call our customer care hotline on 0112 990 900. Alternatively, you can visit us at one of our Union Assurance Branches located island wide.