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Union Assurance CSR Creates Strong Impact in the First Quarter of 2016

Union Assurance has continued to deliver strong and dependable solutions for a host of Sri Lankan individuals and families in the first quarter of 2016. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme remained committed to raising awareness on thalassemia and preventing the spread of dengue, with the launch of decisive programmes aimed at creating maximum impact.

Thalassemia is a blood disorder, which could inhibit the normal development of haemoglobin in the bloodstream. The condition is spread through the intermarriage of two positive carriers of the disease. It is an unfortunate, yet entirely preventable condition – for which awareness raising, at the earliest stage, is of utmost importance.

Union Assurance CSR initiatives in the first quarter of the year included a total of 20 programmes – which reached over 4190 people – with 10 programmes being carried out for teachers, 8 programmes for parents, 2 for students, and a common group respectively.

Dr. Nilam, Consultant Paediatrician in-charge of the National Thalassaemia Centre stated, “It is important to get the message across to young people, who for lack of knowledge, maybe putting themselves and others at risk. Compared to 2014 there is a significant drop of Thalassaemia cases reported at the National thalassaemia Centre which is indicative of the positive impact of these programmes. We, at the National Thalassemia Centre, are grateful to the efforts of the team at Union Assurance in helping us achieve these goals.

Dharshana Amarasiynghe, AGM - Marketing & Distribution at Union Assurance commented, “Being good corporate citizens is a strong part of the Union Assurance philosophy. It is important to contribute to the development and well being of our communities. To this effect, we are committed to continuing to make a strong impact through our CSR initiatives.”

Union Assurance’s expressed goal of creating healthier and secure communities is in line with their overall ethos of building partnerships with their customers. These partnerships are based on the delivery of transparency, respectfulness, and convenience. The Company will continue to deliver on its promise of trust, with more programmes designed to foster healthier communities in the future.

With its unique combination of service excellence, product excellence, and continuous innovation, Union Assurancesets the benchmark high for the insurance sector in Sri Lanka.