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Union Single Premium Advantage: Investinga lump sum, life insurance and a host of other benefits in one unique investment plan from Union Assurance

Union Assurance, a company that is constantly reinventing the face of life insurance in Sri Lanka,has brought the benefits of investment to countless policyholders through its revolutionary Union Single Premium Advantage investment plan.

This policy stands out from its more traditional peers on account of its ability to generate higher investment benefits, while providing for a dependable life insurance cover. The Plan was designed as a tool for those who are looking to invest their money in a dependable and trustworthy plan with a guaranteed life cover.

Union Single Premium Advantage requires only one premium payment, and the policyholder can decide the period of investment, between 5 and 30 years. Union Assurance will then maintain a separate investment account on behalf of the policyholderand annual dividends will be paid directly to this account. Akey advantage of this plan is that the life insurance cover, which it comes with, guarantees to be 105% of the initial single premium payment.

The greatest benefit that the Union Single Premium Advantagepolicyholder will be able to enjoyis the ability to invest with a company that has won the trust of the people of Sri Lanka with over decades of dependable and trustworthy operation. As a result, there is absolutely no room for doubt or worry about the security of such an investment. Further, the policyholder isin complete control of his/her account, particularly in deciding the duration of his/her investment period – which clearly sets it apart from other investment plans in the market at the moment.

In order to find out more aboutUnion Single Premium Advantage, pleasespeak to one of our Personal Financial Advisers or visit your closest Union Assurance branch or contact us on 0112 990990.

Union Assurance operations are founded on the principle of ‘trust’ and the Company strives to provide all stakeholders with transparency, convenience, and guarantees a respectful service. Additionally, the Company has taken numerous steps to create an environment that is conducive to growth and development for all its employees.