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Union Assurance commemorates World Children’s Day

Union Assurance is a company that is dedicated to the creation of healthy communities through its corporate social responsibility programmes. In the recent past, the Company has been engaged in a number of programmes aimed at eliminating, and raising awareness on, thalassemia and dengue. In another leap forward, Union Assurance conducted a programme for teenagers around the theme of “A Successful Life” on the 8th of October to commemorate World Children’s Day. The programme was conducted at the Dharmaraja College Kandy auditorium and was attended by over 300 students from 14 leading schools in the area.

Today’s teenagers are under immense pressure and stress. As a result of not knowing how to process and handle this pressure, many students face hardships in life. It is essential to create awareness, not only among the students – but also among the parents and the teachers, on how to provide the appropriate support for their children who are at a very crucial stage of their lives. Union Assurance is taking steps to organize a programme that will reach out to parents and teachers to raise awareness. Further, steps are already on the way to organize programmes in the 14 schools that participated in the flagships programme in the coming year.

Along with these programs Union Assurance also carries out Thalassameia awareness programs with the National Thalassaemia Center. As of now UA and the Thalassaemia Center has organized 42 programmes to educate the public about the Thalassemia disease. As it is most effective to test children over the age of 12 for the disease, the Company believes that raising awareness among teenagers would prove extremely beneficial for the eradication of Thalassemia.

“The best way to eradicate Thalassemia is to create awareness about the disease. We truly value the support Union Assurance has provided us to help spread the word about the disease. Further, conducting a programme aimed at teenagers – that would help them pave the way towards creating a successful life, while at the same time raising awareness about the disease, is a truly wonderful thing,” stated noted paediatrician, Dr. J.M. Nilam of the National Thalassemia Centre.

At the same time, in accordance with the programme, leaflets detailing information about Thalassemia were distributed in the Kandy town, with the kind assistance of the St. John’s Ambulance members. It is the goal of Union Assurance to continue to conduct similar programmes across the country to ensure the wellbeing of communities today and in the future.