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Union Super Investor: Making Your Dreams Come True

Union Assurance is a leading company in the Sri Lankan insurance sphere – setting the benchmark high for innovation and modern solutions provision. Going further in its efforts to provide a seamless service offering, the Company took steps to introduce an exclusive new investment scheme late last year. Union Super Investor was introduced with the primary aim of addressing the need for short term investment opportunities in the market.

Union Super Investor can be identified as an investment product that is designed to provide a wise investor with an extremely high payout. Premiums are only payable for five years, and after maturity of the policy, it is designed to provide the investor with an extremely high payout. As a result of this design, this policy is most apt for those looking forward to organizing a stress free wedding or building their dream home, in the near future. This product also suits the needs of those looking forward to accumulating a tidy nest-egg for retirement. Union Super Investor is an all-round, powerful and creative insurance product to suit any investment need.

Union Super Investor, however, is much more than a product that would help to make your dreams a reality. The future is impossible to predict. In case of unexpected tragedy such as untimely death, Union Super Investor is able to provide the family with care and coverage. In case of such a tragedy, either the total value in the investment account, or the Basic Sum Assured – whichever is higher is provided to the named beneficiaries.

A key feature of the Union Super Investor Policy is that the premium payments need only be made for 5 years. As a result of how simple the policy and the payments are, this is an ideal policy for first time or beginner investors.

Union Super Investor policy could be taken for any duration between 10 and 30 years. Sum Assured of this policy is 5 times the premium. . At the end of the policy period, the total value of the investment account will be paid out to the policy holder as the maturity benefit. The minimum guaranteed dividend rate for the year will be published at the start of the year. If needed, Waiver of Premium Benefit could be added to this policy where the company will undertake the balance premium payments up until the end of the stipulated term, in case the life assured becomes permanently and totally disable. This will ensure that the policy holder will still be able to enjoy the maturity proceeds under the policy, despite not being able to complete premium payments.