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Union Assurance 2014 CSR Creates Strong Impact

Union Assurance has cemented its status as one of the strongest private insurers in Sri Lanka at the close of 2014. Union Assurance has continued to deliver strong and dependable solutions for a host of Sri Lankan individuals and families. With its unique combination of service excellence, product excellence, and continuous innovation, Union Assurance continues to set the benchmark high for the sector in Sri Lanka.

Union Assurance’ Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes continued to touch the lives of many more individuals in 2014, through several targeted interventions.

Director/ CEO of Union Assurance, Mr. Dirk Pereira stated “we take our responsibility as corporate citizens very seriously. It is important for us to make a tangible contribution to keep the communities that we live and work in safe and secure. Our interest in our communities spread far beyond our boundaries, and our successful interventions in 2014 is evidence of how serious we are about CSR.

Among the programmes rolled out in 2014, Thalassaemia awareness and Dengue prevention once again, were the main focuses.

In Union Assurance’s drive to create awareness of Thalassaemia, they had three main intervention points.
1. Thalassaemia Awareness and Developing mental concepts in Children programs - focused at teachers
2. Thalassaemia Awareness and Successful Life programs - focused at A/L students
3. Thalassaemia Awareness and Child management skills programs - focused at parents

Through these programmes, Union Assurance Life (UAL) managed to directly reach nearly 8000 individuals, and countless thousands others indirectly. In charge Consultant Paediatrician of the National Thalassaemia Centre, Dr. Nilam commenting on the continued success of Union Assurance Life’s Thalassaemia intervention programmes stated, “It is wonderful to deal with a group of people as enthusiastic as the UAL team was to tackle this difficult topic. As a result of their intervention we have managed to get the word out about this serious disease, which is entirely preventable, to a wider audience. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the coming years.”

Similarly, there were three main intervention points in Union Assurance’s Dengue prevention campaigns. Through house-to-house visits, a dengue walk – planned along with the Public Health Department of the CMC, and through the launch of the Dengone Multimedia game and associated school competitions. Through these activities the Company directly reached nearly a 1000 school children, and over 2000 adults.

Chief MOH of the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council, Dr. Wijayamuni, speaking about the success of the dengue intervention programmes stated, “we have managed to reach a large number of people through these activities. Compared to 2013, we were able to reduce the number of cases by 15% and the number of deaths by 40% in the Colombo City area. I’m sure the programs conducted by UA have had a stake in this reduction. Particularly with their programmes that look to educating school children has long reaching effects, because these children take the message back to their homes – and eventually saves many lives.”

Union Assurance’s expressed goal of creating healthier and secure communities is in line with their overall ethos of building partnerships with their customers that is based on the delivery of transparency, respectfulness, and convenience. The Company will continue to deliver on its promise of trust, with more programmes designed to foster healthier communities in 2015.