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As one of Sri Lanka's biggest insurance companies, we consider it our responsibility to make a positive contribution to the community within which we operate. This is put into operation through various community programs.

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The “Health awareness” platform was selected due to the direct relationship with the business operation. Union Assurance works together with the Ministry of Health to create awareness in critical and burning issues of the nation. In 2012, the spreading of dengue was almost at an epidemic stage. In addition, few other programs were conducted under the safety platform.

Objectives of Health Awareness Programmes

  1. To create awareness of critical health issues faced by a larger segment of the society.
  2. To address a national cause by supporting the government in order to assist in its eradication or containment.
  3. Minimise claims by supporting all efforts to ensure a healthy populace.
  4. To maintain and raise awareness in the UA brand.

Initiatives under the Health Awareness Platform

  1. Prevention of Epidemic Diseases - Ex: Dengue awareness programs conducted island-wide
  2. Awareness on the Prevention of Thalassaemia
  3. Awareness on Diabetes Prevention

Dengue Awareness

The menace of dengue was a pressing issue affecting the entire island. In this light, as a direct CSR initiative of Union Assurance under the health awareness platform we have tied up with the Divisional Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Public Health Department (PHD) of Colombo Municipal Council to conduct Dengue awareness programs. UA supports the above mentioned government organizations by means of providing volunteers and awareness material during house to house visits. We contribute to these programs on requests made by the above mentioned organizations.

Dengone – Multimedia game

Creating awareness among school children through an interactive game. The video game is about identifying mosquito breeding places in order to destroy them. This will create awareness among children while they enjoy playing the game.

During the year the number of programs carried out were as follows;

Name of Programme No. of Programmes Reach
House to House Visit 3 1109
DenGone competition (School programs) 17 1273

Awareness on the prevention of Thalassaemia

Thalassaemia is a serious national concern, especially in the North Western Province. Initially programmes were carried out in the North Western Province due to a high number of Thalassaemia patients in the area. During 2014, we expanded our programmes to other parts of the country as well. Programmes were carried out with the assistance of the respective Consultant Pediatricians of the National Thalassaemia Centre in Kurunegala. The programmes are focused at three target groups.

During 2015 we conducted 60 programmes partnering with the National Thalassaemia Centre on creating awareness on how to prevent Thalassaemia and developing mental concepts in children, child management skills and living a successful life. These programmes were focused on school teachers, parents and students respectively. In addition we carried our programmes for public groups as well.

Name of Programme No. of Programmes Reach
Thalassemia Awareness and Child Management Skills programmes (for parents) 16 4334
Thalassemia Awareness and Sucessful Life programmes (for students) 10 3102
Thalassemia Awareness and Child Management Skills programmes (for Teachers) 28 3475
Thalassaemia Awareness – Public Group 6 1064

Awareness on Diabetes prevention

Diabetes prevention was one of the key areas we looked at under the UA CSR Platform. In the month of October we launched the Diabetes Pre- Screening camps with the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipality Council and in the month of November we carried out 7 programs across the island aligned to the UA CSR week which was held from 7th to 14th of December 2015.

The objective of the Diabetes Pre-Screening camps was to identify persons who are potential diabetic patients and advise them to consult a doctor in advance in order to take necessary preventive or therapeutic action.

Location No. of lives touched
Colombo 126
Colombo 114
Colombo 103
Vauniya 103
Anuradhapura 103
Kurunegala 112
Kandy 47
Ampara 70
Matara 61

UA CSR Week – ‘Union Manushyathwaya’

The brand, titled ‘Union Manushyathwaya,’ was launched on the 2nd of December 2015 with the ultimate aim of creating healthy and happy communities around the country. The Company aims to achieve this objective by disseminating vital information to the public regarding how to protect themselves from diseases such as Thalassemia, Dengue, and Diabetes.

In line with the brand launch, the Company arranged a series of diabetes camps in Colombo, Vavunia, Anuradhapura, Kurunegala, Kandy, Batticaloa, and Matara regions between the 7th and 14th of December 2015. An island- wide leaflet distribution campaign was also conducted during this period to raise awareness. We distributed over 200,000 leaflets on Diabetes and on UA CSR programs across the country.