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Health Union Smart Health

Union Smart Health

Union Smart Health

Union Smart Health is a comprehensive medical expenses reimbursement rider benefit which can be added to the Union Life Advantage Insurance Plan.Union Smart Health will cover you from various diseases/surgeries from a simple flu to a major illness.

Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB)

Hospital cash benefit shall be applicable for life assured and spouse of the life assured, if included in the policy. Hospitalization cover up to Rs.10,000/- per day up to a maximum of 180 days a year. In case of ICU treatment this amount will be doubled.

Suwamaga Benefit (SMB)

Suwamaga Benefit (Critical Illness Cover - CIC) will cover 24 specified, critical illnesses for a maximum of Rs. 3Mn. If a predetermined critical illness is diagnosed, the total amount obtained under this cover will be paid.

Child Health Benefit (CHB)

The Child Health Benefit provides hospitalization cover (maximum Rs.5,000/- and double the benefit if ICU admission) and a Surgical Benefit covering 244 surgeries (maximum of Rs. 1Mn).

Comprehensive Surgery Benefit (CSB)

With the CSB, you may claim up to Rs. 1.5Mn (or three times of your CSB Sum Assured) during the term of the policy. Further, you are also able to claim for any surgeries performed in India and Singapore which is another convenient advantage for you.

For further details please contact our Union Assurance Advisor or contact us directly on 0112 990 990
Note : Please refer Policy Conditions for further clarifications.