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Union Assurance premiered its TV commercial for Sisumaga+ on Sunday (9th Aug), created by Sarva Colombo featuring Kamal Addara Arachchi, Sheoli Jayarathne, Nethmi Hettiarachchi and Sandali Pathiranage. 

The two-minute TV spot shows the emotional interaction between a blind father (played by Kamal Addara Arachchi) and his daughter through the phases of her life from a child to a young graduate culminating in the girl’s discovery of her father’s sacrifice. The emotionally stirring commercial dramatically communicates the uncertainty that life can bring, and Union Assurance’s ethos in their product, which echoes the sentiment of parental sacrifice for a child’s future.

“To us this is more than a campaign. It is really about our reason for existence- to provide Protection. When parents plan for their child’s future Union Assurance should be at the top of the list because we are about protecting those dreams and aspirations. The sacrifice made by the father in this commercial is a representation of the sacrifices parents make to protect the future of their children. This interaction is emotional, and relatable. It takes something as honest and real as a parent’s sacrifice to evoke this emotion,” explained Jude Gomes, CEO of Union Assurance. 

The concept of the commercial is routed on the premise of a father’s sacrifice to give sight to his child. The sacrifice symbolizes the extent parents go to provide the best for their children. The sight symbolizes the child’s journey in acquiring knowledge through education. The final scene escalates the story into the ultimate achievement for both father and daughter, breaking through the barriers that life offers, to the daughter’s graduation, the high point at which the two share a proud moment. 

Commenting on the campaign, Lucille Diaz, Chief Marketing Officer of Union Assurance stated, “The Sisumaga+ TV campaign is meant to sensitise people on how unexpected incidents have the potential to derail plans relating to our children’s future. To help spread this message, we have anchored our campaign on a salient human connection. Supported by a diversified media mix and messaging strategy we aim to create awareness to help parents approach this subject early enough and make appropriate investment decisions for their children.” 

 With the uncertainty of today giving rise to new ways of planning for the future, every parent faces the challenge of comfortably securing the cost of higher education for their children. Sisumaga+ makes that sacrifice count through a unique, protection-based education plan designed to secure the dreams and aspirations of the next generation.