Self Service App, ClickLife

Union Assurance now offers consumers the next level of insurance to give our customers control in managing and staying updated on their protection needs. Clicklife, a self-service app powered by cutting-edge digital technology which would eliminate the complex and time-consuming follow up process of staying up to date on policies after purchase. The app provides real-time updates on policy information including dues, balances, and claims status, and goes a step further in enabling digital policy loan submissions. Clicklife will also include a health tracker linked to a rewards scheme for instant redemption of vouchers and discount coupons.


Make claims conveniently,
and receive real-time status updates

Connect with Union Assurance from anywhere anytime

Customize your Life Insurance policies and see a total policy overview

Make and view premium payments instantly and securely

Chat with our service agents online, without any waiting

Earn loyalty and reward points which could be redeemed at our partner network

Track your calorie intake, calorie burn & physical activities

Download the now!

and experience a simpler and more rewarding way of protecting your loved ones!