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Union Assurance Launches Health 360

Sri Lanka’s Most Comprehensive Health Insurance Union Assurance HEALTH 360 was launched on October 13th as a health insurance solution that covers a wide range of health protection needs for the entire family. It offers benefits across three generations covering the policyholder’s spouse, children, and parents with a wealth of benefits. Union Assurance HEALTH 360

Union Assurance Sisumaga+ Supports Online Learning for Children in Child Care Centres

Union Assurance Sisumaga+ lived by its ethos of providing uninterrupted education for every child by supporting an initiative to upgrade the facilities for online learning in child care centres located island-wide. Tablets and desktop computers were distributed to 397 child development centres which accommodate 10,632 children throughout the country under the combined sponsorship of Union

Union Assurance Premier Club Launches Best-in-Class Rewards for Insurance Advisors

Union Assurance PLC set a benchmark with the launch of an industry first rewards and recognition programme – Union Assurance Premier Club. The platform is designed to recognise the company’s insurance advisors who have portrayed world class salesmanship and customer service. Senath Jayathilake, the Chief Distribution Officer of Union Assurance, commented on the programme, “Union

Union Assurance INVESTMENT+ Now Available Online

INVESTMENT+ by Union Assurance offers a guaranteed return of 7.5% simple interest per annum (guaranteed return at maturity) as well as an in-built life cover for the policyholder and their loved ones. Union Assurance has simplified and accelerated the process for customers who can purchase the product from the convenience of their home. There is

A Unique Investment Opportunity with an Inbuilt Life Cover

Consumers can now invest and receive guaranteed returns of 7.5% simple interest rate per annum (guaranteed return at maturity) with INVESTMENT+ from Union Assurance PLC. INVESTMENT+ provides a unique investment opportunity and an inbuilt life cover for the policyholders and their loved ones. With a guaranteed total return at the end of the policy term,