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Union Assurance Delivers a Remarkable 13.5% Dividend Rate for 2023!

Union Assurance, Sri Lanka’s premier Life Insurer known for its commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach, proudly announces the declaration of a 13.5% Universal Life Policyholder Dividend Rate for the financial year 2023. Once again, the Company has demonstrated its financial strength and resilience by surpassing expectations with this remarkable Dividend Rate of 13.5%, compared

The importance of life insurance.

Our life is like a riding bicycle. If we have the balance we can keep going towards it. In our journey, we also have to balance everything. We are moving forwards with a busy society. But take a few minute and close your eyes and just think about you, your family and your loved ones.

The Importance of Life Insurance

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Union Assurance sets sail with Uniship

Union Assurance, Sri Lanka’s formidable Life Insurer, is thrilled to announce the commencement of ‘Uniship’, an innovative internship programme dedicated to nurturing talent. The inauguration of the internship was marked by a luncheon at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, where the Executive Committee of Union Assurance hosted the participants to provide insights about the Company. Uniship

Union Assurance Continues to Champion Community Well-being Through HOPE Initiative

Union Assurance, Sri Lanka’s premier Life Insurer, continues its unwavering commitment to enriching community well-being through its HOPE initiative, dedicated to addressing critical challenges faced by the nation. Recognising the urgent need to ensure access to clean drinking water and hygienic menstrual products, Union Assurance has partnered with the ‘Katu Kambi Foundation,’ a non-profit organisation,

Union Assurance Records Double-Digit Growth in Q3 2023

Union Assurance, a leading player in Sri Lanka’s Life Insurance industry, is delighted to announce its outstanding performance in the third quarter of 2023, leaping ahead in the industry across key financial measures. Demonstrating robust growth, the company recorded a 14% increase in gross written premium compared to the corresponding period in 2022, surpassing the

Union Assurance Strengthens ‘Go Green’ Initiatives with Policy Certificates and e-Policy Documents

Union Assurance, Sri Lanka’s leading Life Insurer, has continuously recognized the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility with ‘Go Green’ initiatives. To further enhance the Company’s dedication to green initiatives, Union Assurance has introduced the Policy Certificate along with the e-policy document with the aim of minimizing the industry’s ecological footprint, promoting sustainable practises, and