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With the pandemic surging in many parts of Sri Lanka, protection has become an important household topic. But what does it take to stay protected? To prevent contagion of the pandemic, it takes wearing a face mask, avoiding crowded places, sanitising from time to time. It’s easy enough. But is this protection enough? How do you guard against the emotional and financial stress if impacted by a sudden crisis?

Life insurance is a practical solution to prepare and provide for the future of your loved ones in the event of a life-threatening event. It will provide you the required protection, by minimizing the financial and emotional stress caused by depleting resources. Imagine the impact that a single event can have on your immediate lifestyle and goals. Life insurance protects you from the burden of financing such unexpected expenses through your savings. Moreover, it gives you the confidence that your money can still supplement you and your family’s future plans.

In the eventuality such an emergency leads to critical illness or death, life insurance will provide your loved ones a safety net ensuring their lifestyle can continue despite the loss.

While the global pandemic continues to create more uncertainty with significant consequences, protecting yourself and your loved ones is now ever more important.

Are you protected?

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